Kopi Luwak, also known as the Civet Coffee, gets its unique name from the small Palm Civet (Luwak), who processes the bean in its digestive tract, before being roasted. Our coffee beans are selected only by the Wild Civet, which bears comparison with an automated filter for ’best quality’ berries

Java Luwak Coffee comes from the Ijen Plateau, which is the eastern mountainous region of Java, Indonesia. Its volcanic soil is very rich and fertile, and the climate is perfect for producing these extraordinary coffee beans. It has a sweet floral aroma. Its taste is earthy and clean and has chocolate, caramel, nut and pipe tobacco-like flavors.

Your cup of Kopi Luwak would have been through an incredibly elaborative selection process that results in a limited quantity of the finest coffee on earth that fit for the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Our kopi luwak has traditionally consisted of the best quality, ripest coffee cherries the Luwak has selected and chosen to eat while leaving the vast majority of presumably inferior cherries uneaten. This is certainly a major factor in the final quality of the kopi luwak produced.

+ The Kopi Luwak should be produced from cage-free and living civet palms
Producers who farm civet palms to get kopi luwak act unethically and destroy the natural taste of the beans. Wild Civet cats select only the ripest cherries and do NOT blight it with stress enzymes unlike their caged relatives.

+ The coffee is 100% authentic Kopi Luwak (not watered down or mixed with other filler)
The Internet is filled with “dirty” kopi luwak, which is diluted with cheap coffee beans. Professional websites, attractive packages and well-written descriptions attempt to deceive customers with high price imitations. You can always trust a product which is listed on this website! For other resellers “Luwak” could mean only 1% caged kopi luwak.

+ The beans were carefully selected and hand-picked by local farmers
Another criteria element which proves the coffee comes from free-range luwaks. “Real” and “cage-free“ doesn’t mean it REALLY comes from an animal because there are chemical methods to fake “real” Kopi Luwak.

Wild Civet palms select only the ripest coffee cherries, which bears comparison with an automated filter for ’best quality’ berries.

Freely roaming with optimum selection
Natural enzymes is required to enhance the beans flavor are optimized
Delivers unique and authentic flavored coffee beans